My train of thought has pulled into the station

So after my hubby broke the news via social media that we are expecting. Our inboxes were filled with well wishes. Which was so wonderful and unexpected. But the Type A umber planner in me can’t help but scream ” WE ARE SO UNPREPARED.” Don’t get me wrong we knew it would happen on day but I guessed we would have all of those imaginary ducks in a row. So far I’ve managed to have a nervous breakdown about child care, my insurance deductible, what to do with the 14 year-old in our care, how all the bills will get paid when hubby goes bak to school, and the list goes on and on.

I try not to worry, I want to be excited and happy during this time and most of the time I really am. The problem is when my train of thoughts leaves the station, its at full steam ahead until further notice.

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