1. Ella- Don’t wear your skirt so short. There’s a time and place for everything
  2. Catherine-Pull it together and don’t go in there acting a fool
  3. Dale- It’s been a long day at work and sometimes you need to unwind
  4. Don-Talk up, I can’t hear you. Have an opinion.
  5. The Twins (Venita & Veronica)- Be grateful for every experience.
  6. Pat- Eat Good FOOD! It takes a long time to make because its worth it.
  7. Ora-Take time to take care of yourself
  8. Marsha- Don’t be afraid to try something new
  9. Debra (my mama)-All you have is your name!
  10. Sandra-I have fun but I DO NOT PLAY!


I have 10 women who have impacted my life…Each one of them has made me into the Southern Fried City Girl I am today.

Inspired by the word of the day Ten

TMZ and Other Random Gossip

I truly believe everyone has something they Hate to Love. I would list food but everyone who knows that’s not a love hate relationship. For me its  just LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I hate to admit my guilty pleasure is TMZ. The original and TMZ live. No need to criticize, its a terrible habit but its so good. I know gossip is a terrible thing and hurtful to a lot of people so somewhere in my mind I justify it because … well I don’t know personally know these people.

So on a random Wednesday afternoon and my girlfriends call to catch up on the gossip randomness of the week its a welcomed distraction from work deadlines, family drama, utility payments, and you know … life. So for one solid hour or so we can have Hen Talk ( grown women talking about things grown folks talk about) and just be.


Chocolate and something else

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “32 Flavors.”

I used to be a chocolate purest but life has become incredibly more complicated. Chocolate, while perfect on its own, is brought to life by just a little something else. My fav… sea salt !! Simple but adds such a complex flavor. But enough about me …

Daily Prompt: Never Gonna Give You Up

When you think about life we focus on all of out good things but When you think about life what is your guilty pleasure? What do you proclaim “Never Gonna give you up ___________”.

My problem is that I have so many but it all circles back to food LOL

Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

The book I would hope to write one day changes daily. Based on my mood, my day, at work and frankly whether or not I’ve eaten a meal worth talking about. So today my book Jacket would read
” The story of a girls chasing her tail, tramped in the dungeon of middle management.”