Too Young for Eat, Pray, Love

There’s something remarkably romantic about the notion of seeing the world on a whim. Moving somewhere and not knowing the language, living like the locals, and never looking back.

According to the movies such an act of courage takes an intrinsic crisis that motivates you to leave everything that’s familiar, abandon responsibility and experience life in the unknown. Now of course in this version I would have enough money to rent one of those villas like “under the tuscan sun” or I could take up resident in the “the exotic marigold hotel” but for 30 something instead of seniors.”

…In fact traveling abroad was finally a dream that went un fulfilled until I was 30 and I ventured abroad and ever since then I’ve felt like I was meant to see the whole world. I don’t know that I will ever get my eat, pray, love experience. I can only hope to fill my passport and my blog with  stories of the meals I’ve shared, the places I’ve prayed, and the people I’ve loved.

Updated 1.27.17 for the Daily Prompt: Simple