Murphy’s LAW: When everything goes wrong

Being everything to everybody makes you re-examine how tired you can really be on a 5 day work week. When the car breaks down, your expected to be down town everyday this week for several “very important” client meetings, your nephew needs to get to school on time, and nothing in your closet fits. At 2pm the exhustion finally catches up to you and your in desperate need for a $4 coffee you can’t afford but refuse to live without.

By 4pm the cycle repeats, but now its counter clock wise. Pick up your nephew, then you dear husband, stop by the repair shop, take 3 conference calls on the way because just because its 5pm in your timezone the skinny ppl on the west coast don’t care. By now its Friday night and your mind so tired of the rat race you honestly don’t know if your coming or going, Literally, after you ate dinner took your empty bowl into your bedroom put it on the dresser and moved on to folding a load of clothes it was an hour later before you realized that you completely got side tracked.

I continue to say you, in hopes that i am not the only person suffering from a week when everything goes wrong.