You are Not the Boss of Me

My child consumes my life.

I say that in a good way. Since my first day at my first “real” post college job I have given 110% to my career goals, grad school, saving, & all thing “grown up” life had in store for me.

But now after changing careers and scraping my way up the corporate ladder, I have a new boss.

He is very demanding and there are no excuses for late projects, he doesn’t tolerate tardiness, when he ask for something he wants it immediately no excuses.

I don’t get any bonuses for all the extra hours I’m putting in. He thinks this is a part of the job. Even at 2 am he calls me and expects me to answer with a pleasant tone.

And despite all of this i think about him all day and I can’t wait to get home and serve at his every beck and call.

My Son.

I never knew I was capable of loving someone so completely until the day I became a mother. Every hair on his little head, the wax in his little ears, & the cotton in between his little toes.

I know one day, I’ll revisit who I am and what this woman looks like, dreams about, next steps in life, and so on. But today my aspirations are simple.

To once and for all prove to my child that “you are not the boss of me” as I beg him to go back to sleep and let mommy sleep through the night.


Tired Mommy

4 months and 2 days

My son has been in my life for exactly 4 months & 2 days. Its taken me that long to find the time to write. Really about all i’ve learned about being mother in such short time period. Actually, I only really have time to share this one thing with you: let the dishes pile up and get them later, you’ll have plenty of time for that….



The “Newborn” Effect

In a way this is my attempt to capture a moment that to date is my greatest accomplishment, giving birth to a beautiful baby boy.

You find yourself staring at this child in awe of how perfect this little person is. You grow this person in your belly for 40 weeks (38 in this case) and then looking at you is a little mini person.

I’m still in awe at the miracle of childbirth, but the most amazing thing has been how my son has impacted my husband. I have to admit has always been kind and thoughtful, but that little guy has sprinkled a little something special over him.  To be clear its not just the way he holds and helps with the baby, I find he looks at me differently. There’s more light in his eyes a seduction in his smile. His hugs are more warm and touch lingers just a little while longer.

I never thought it was possible to love him anymore … to owe him more than I already do. I guess I can blame it on the newborn effect, wondering how long the haze will last.