…. and This Christmas

This Christmas was the first time I spent Christmas in my own home. I pulled out my “Good China” (which was a gift) and set the table. I was sure to make more veggies than starches (an attempt to stay true to my Weight watchers goal).   I talk to my God-Daughter, Parents, Sister, Aunts, Uncles, Godparents, Cousins, and Friends. All and all it was a good day. I took the time to reflect on my life and how grateful I am to have a phone that rings on such an important day.

But my heart was heavy, the one woman who taught me how to set the table and make the perfect plate of Healthy Soul Fusion was unable to talk and is fighting the cancer at war with her body. I miss her and I just want to talk to her about the great book I read on vacation or how horrible Liz ad Dick was on Lifetime. We didn’t have time to talk about it after it aired Thanksgiving weekend. I can’t help but think that I was so busy with work I should have called right then to laugh at how desperately Hollywood wants to make Lindsey Lohan a real actress. I saw a great independent film I wanted to share with her. After all Auntie Marsha introduced me to the world of the arts.
I have a wonderful and kind Mother and when she wasn’t around any of my Aunts gladly stepped in and treated me like a their own child while my mother worked. This Christmas I missed my Auntie with heavy heart I know one must feel when they miss there own Mother…
So in the spirit of gratefulness and reflection I want to thank Auntie Marsha for being such a positive force in my life …and this Christmas will be the last time I take my life for granted.