E’rything is Irie

I recently took the time to look around the gourmet cheese section of my local Kroger. after I combed through all the reduced for quick sell baskets, something amazing ( and not on sale of course) caught my eye.

What I found was this amazing cheese called NO WOMAN a sharp cheddar cheese marbled with jerk seasoning & these little surprise bits of crystalized sugar.

I have to admit, this cheese completely changed my snacking life. As a on again, off again weight watcher devotee, I have to say this was completely worth the extra points.

Do yourself a favor… put your kids to bed, pour yourself a glass of red wine, and slice a few pieces of this creamy treat to end your day.

Middle Eastern Spanakopita

Love this!!

My City Girl self has conquered a version of this recipe. Its the type of thing that I love to show off when my folks come to town.

Edible Ventures

Middle Eastern Spanakopita

Growing up, one of my favorite Middle Eastern treats was my momma’s spinach pies or as you all know it spanakopita. This isn’t your typical Greek spanakopita, it has an Iraqi flare with a little more cheese and a whole lot of flavor. You will love it just as much, if not better!

As I got older, I had become more fond of Middle Eastern food, more so from my Iraqi roots. After moving to DC, I quickly became aware that restaurant Middle Eastern food is not the same as a home cooked meal (Or more like feast). I started to miss my mom’s food. A LOT…

Until my husband told me “You should get the recipes from your mom and try to make the food your self.” Hmmm Okay! I call my mom and ask for some recipes… Well they weren’t so much as actual recipes but more like her…

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