I am Strong and Brave

This particular Saturday morning, I’m looking at my 2-year-old son playing with puzzles and looks at me and said: “Mommy, this is too hard, but I got it.”

All parents have read about bed or morning routines. Even Daniel Tiger and Elmo have this covered. My family has always believed in the power of words or confessions. My mother confessed to my sister every morning: ” You are the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath.”  I believe (& think my SiSi would agree) that these words resonated in her mind when she wanted to throw in the towel.

Every night we pray for my son to be thankful for family, friends, and provisions. But additionally, I pray (out loud) for my son to be strong & brave. I never saw that world as a scary place until I became a mother. These glasses of parenting put a filter on everything as terrifying. Most importantly, I know the world will be unkind to a young black man. The joy he has today is delicate and needs to be preserved. I want to protect him, cover him, shield him… but I know I can’t. I can only pray that he always finds the strength to be joyous, strength to trust God and Strength to be brave enough to keep moving forward when the world will feel cold.

I guess, I never meant for this reflection to be so emotionally heavy. I am generally not that type of writer, but out of your heart flows the truth. Take the time to speak life over the children your world. Nieces, nephews, God-children,  neighbors, & friends every child deserves to hear that they are loved and amazing.

With Love;

Southern Fried Mommy

Hog + Hominy

Back in June I treated one of my very best friends to brunch at Hog and Hominy. My pooh bear joined us because who wants to bother with a babysitter at 10am.
The food really was fantastic. The shrimp and grits were amazing, perfect flavor and richness. The biscuits were also delicious. You could absolutely taste that they were made from scratch. Next time, I will get the gravy on the side and maybe Pooh will at least try it.
While I enjoyed catching up with old friends & great food. I just knew my little pooh bear would love something familiar, like pizza. I had never been so wrong. I ordered a cheese pizza. That’s it just cheese. How did I fail so miserably, you ask?
I somehow assumed Pooh Bear could appreciate fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce cooked a brick oven.

He did not appreciate it at all! In fact his only words were ” No, MOMMY” and ” More CHEESE”. Then this happened …. he smiled & said “CHEESE”.

Never to Early for Dad Day 

I started thinking about Father’s Day earlier than most because my hubby blew Mother’s Day out of the water this year. I’m talking fancy dinner, time alone without my son on my heels… the whole nine years.

So at this point I’m thinking, I need to get Father’s RIGHT! I’m a quite insulted when people just forget all about Father’s Day. It’s just not right! Good Father’s should be celebrated. Plus, when you celebrate bad Father’s they are certain to feel horribly and hopefully do better. At least your conscious will be clear.

My guy, who coincidentally doesn’t read my blog regularly (a shame right), is an  amazing husband and father.  I make that point so you know I’m not trying to get brownie points.

So many stories lean in to the awesomeness of mommies (and rightfully so), but dad’s are strong, fearless, providers, and comforters. My husbands peaceful demeanor is an amazing balance to my constant state of mental confusion.

He’s working full-time and taking classes at night. My 2yr old knows how to say “daddy at work.” It’s only a season and this sacrifice is hard on all of us. So I wanted to find books that portray ‘dad’ as the hero he really is.

I’ve included an amazing list of books that celebrate all things dad to share with your kids. Great children’s books about dads.

These are a few that I will be adding to his library:

This one is all about parents are cool people to. Think of it as a journey down memory lane before adulting.

As a creative soul, no collection is complete without a book of poetry.


Classic board book for toddlers and it makes a great bedtime story. All about Papa Bear and Baby Bear.

definitely for an older child with a better attention span than my 2 year old. You only have so many years to enjoy that active imagination. Why not read a book that taps into playing pretend AND reminds kids that dad is the real hero.

What are favorite books about dads? Any favs? Please share

I want the Wobot

Last night my son decided that he did not want Winnie the Pooh. His soft cuddly friend he has been sleeping with since the day he was born.

In fact, when we were making sure the crib was set up just right, we would use Pooh as a stand in for my little cub in my belly.

Tonight he looked at me the firmest eyes and said “Mommy, I want wobot.” I pretended like I didn’t understand and handed him Pooh, like had done every night for two years. He looked at me with the same look I give people when they do something ridiculous and said  with even more emphasis ” WO-BOT MOMMY!”

I gave in, handed him his Robot and retreated to my room to lick my wounds. My baby is becoming a super hero loving toddler. I guess I knew this day would come. At least I still have Thomas the Tank Engine. For now….

When did you know your baby was growing up?


Coincidentally fits: Daily Prompt: Catapult

Something Happened

Today is my son’s first birthday. We had his party this past weekend so in my mind he has been 1 for a few days now.

Every night when i put him to sleep i hold him in the classic cradle hold. You know rock-a-bye-baby style. My little guy would wiggle a little bit and then drift off to sleep. But ever since he turned 1, he doesn’t want me to hold him. in fact he wiggle with so much force until I have to let him go. Then he wants to sit next to me like a big boy and prop his head on my boobs (or milk makers according to hubby).

I have nothing else to say on this matter. I’m devastated.



Shout out to the Stay at Home Moms

Its the end of the year and my company has that policy where is you don’t use all your vacation days you loose them. So for the next 3 weeks I will be at home with my little guy. Just me and him, morning, noon, & night. Just uninterrupted mommy & baby time. Back in October I was so excited about this idea. My husband was like “yeah we can save a ton on daycare.”

I’m not complaining – just clarifying that I have a whole new appreciation for moms that stay at home with the little people.

The last person in my family that was a stay at home mom was my Grandmother circa 1960-something when my Aunt Sandra was born.

When Wes goes down for a nap I am literally running to do everything I couldn’t do when he was awake. Before I know it …nap is over and I’m back on the baby hamster wheel.

Yesterday my husband asked me to print something for his job. That required me to open my work emails. I spent a whole hour distracted by the same dreaded work that I could wait to get a way from.

I love my son but this time at home has also taught me that while I don’t always love my job… I love the outlet for my type A atttitude.IMG_0228

You are Not the Boss of Me

My child consumes my life.

I say that in a good way. Since my first day at my first “real” post college job I have given 110% to my career goals, grad school, saving, & all thing “grown up” life had in store for me.

But now after changing careers and scraping my way up the corporate ladder, I have a new boss.

He is very demanding and there are no excuses for late projects, he doesn’t tolerate tardiness, when he ask for something he wants it immediately no excuses.

I don’t get any bonuses for all the extra hours I’m putting in. He thinks this is a part of the job. Even at 2 am he calls me and expects me to answer with a pleasant tone.

And despite all of this i think about him all day and I can’t wait to get home and serve at his every beck and call.

My Son.

I never knew I was capable of loving someone so completely until the day I became a mother. Every hair on his little head, the wax in his little ears, & the cotton in between his little toes.

I know one day, I’ll revisit who I am and what this woman looks like, dreams about, next steps in life, and so on. But today my aspirations are simple.

To once and for all prove to my child that “you are not the boss of me” as I beg him to go back to sleep and let mommy sleep through the night.


Tired Mommy

Tired parents, a baby, & Pandora

It’s about an 8 hour drive from Memphis to the beach on the Gulf Coast. For someone who grew up in Miami, I would consider this landlocked. I have no intentions of ever being being further away from a major body of water, but that’s another post.

On this trip we hooked up the Pandora and let randomness ensue. After listening to songs that ranged from early Ludacris, The Fugees, Jezzy, and Johnny Taylor we started talk about what music will our son listen to, how many songs today will really be iconic -score a memorable moment in your life.

By the time Maroon 5 and Alanis Morsette get into the mix- we can’t help but laugh about the fact when we really love good music regardless of genre it makes you sing out loud and completely rock out in your car – Shout out to Aerosmith that was all over the radio when I was in high school.

Anyway just a few random thoughts 2 hours from our destination.


4 months and 2 days

My son has been in my life for exactly 4 months & 2 days. Its taken me that long to find the time to write. Really about all i’ve learned about being mother in such short time period. Actually, I only really have time to share this one thing with you: let the dishes pile up and get them later, you’ll have plenty of time for that….