Couple Friends and the Perfect Home

I have to admit I love watching the those movies where 30 somethings get together for a great dinner party. In my mind, we sit around the table having a glass of red wine and sharing a dish of lasagna. Someone brought dessert and all play some type of rest game. At some point this becomes “our thing” we’ll go house to house each month for a chance to hang out and have grown up conversation. Friendly arguments and finding things in common w/ the one person you knew nothing about.

So the type A person in me thinks this a great idea and puts the whole thing together in my mind.  Then I look around my house and think of the things i need to get done have company over. I start to prioritize the work load and organize the stacks of mail into my 3 legendary piles “paid”, “due”, “deal with later”.   I think about the loads of clothes that needs to be washed and groceries to buy and prep. Then I slowly snowball into an anxious state of panic. All this work and nobody shows, they can’t find babysitters, the husbands don’t get along, the wives can’t get along. OMG, the meltdown continues until I finally give up call it a failure but give myself props for trying. 

Next stop RedBox…