Pregnancy: Where myths and modern times meet

Nothing brings a family together like a new baby. On the path to the new arrival is a pregnancy filled with wise tales and myths about what you can and can’t do during the pregnancy. My favorite reaction was from my aunt in her late 70s. We’ll call her Auntie C. Here’s how the conversation went:

Auntie C: “for the next 9 months, i just need you to “sit down”

Me: “but the doctor told me to walk 2 miles day and only gain 15 lbs”

Auntie C: Oh no!! What kinda doctor is this?? ( I must also mention that there was a slightly insensitive comment about my doctor following statement) FYI she’d never met him.

Just when I thought this was the end, I had no idea this was going to the beginning of warding of all types of pre go expectations. One Saturday while visiting my in-laws, I reached on top of the refrigerator and my mother in law screamed “Put your arms down your going to choke the baby. ”   I replied “Ma the umbilical  cord is not connected to my arms.” She then continued to scream while rolling her eyes ” well that must be new, don’t do it while your here. Until then, I had no idea human gestation had evolved so far since my husband was born 34 years ago.

Share your favorite myths about pregnancy …

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