So this what it feels like……

I recently wondered into a foreign land. A place where curvy black girls just don’t go. But I had a huge meeting and I needed something that offered a real attempt at style but would be conservative enough not to pass the test of judgement in the four corners of a board room.

So I walked toward the glass doors, glanced at the mannequin and instantly got discouraged. I tried to look like I was to busy to care that nothing would fit, I pulled out my blackberry and started returning emails while
I looked around.  The associate walked towards me and said “Hi- Welcome to the Banana Republic. Are you looking for anything special today.”    I explained what I need but ended my statement with “Don’t worry about it nothing in here will fit.” She kinda giggled and said ” Ma’m I’m sure I have something for you, like 12 -14 right?”

I guess the moral of this story is…. I still saw my self the way I use to be and rest of the world,  people who I have never met, saw a completely different person. A person I believed didn’t exist.

what worksIts amazing that we believe people can see all our faults, our past, our pain, and the weight we have carried  (figuratively and literally). Mentally exposed, we believe folks passing us by see who we use to be or the things we have been through. In Truth- the world only sees the person we show and the world will treat you as such. So tell the world your victory and you’ll be treated like a champion….. at least to the other people in the Banana Republic.

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