If I could just put my thoughts on paper….

I have an Aunt that is a brilliant writer. I don’t know if she has ever tried her hand at writing fiction. But I believe I get this burning to write from her.

I couldn’t write self-help because I’m a clinical basket case. My psych hates to see me coming…for the next hour she is going to earn her keep.  Writing is my own therapy and I wouldn’t recommend it to someone, because frankly they could be better at it than me. I couldn’t write someone else biography b/c well I don’t have time to research. I wouldn’t want to write my own, b/c my biography would also be the biography of all the people closest to me and their story is not mine to tell. There is no doubt this is a colorful cast of characters provides more than enough complicated story lines.

With that being said, fiction is always rooted in truth. All you don’t know you make up…. One story may not have the formula but if you combine all the facts in perfectly fictional and random order. Ladies and Gentleman, it could be a master piece!!

Now, If I can just figure out how to tell a story in a 140 characters or less !

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