Thanksgiving Healthiness

I decided 2015 was the year to re-visit making Thanksgiving healthier. I had planned to eat healthy in 2014 but being pregnant made that idea  a non-starter. In 2013 I decided to do a roasted vegetable medley with winter squash. It was beautiful – but nobody ate it.

Next to the ooey-gooey mac & cheese and the collards most of my family thought the butternut squash was just baked sweet potato. I guess they assumed I had just strayed away from the traditional presentation. I almost got away with it, until my mom announced that she had ordered a sweet potato casserole from a family friend ( & chef )!

This left everyone circling my platter of orange veggies waiting on a little description card that you usually see at piccadilly or in a banquet catering line.

Frustrated, I put my hands on my hips an explained loudly enough for everyone to hear my Top Chef worthy description on roasted carrots,  butternut squash, & onions seasoned with olive oil, garlic, thyme, & rosemary.

They looked at me then looked over me and reached for the green bean casserole with the fried onions on top.



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