Workout… When?

Don’t get me wrong I value working out. I think its awesome! When I was younger, I wouldn’t work out because I was worried about my hair and all that. Then somewhere around 2011 I found Zumba. I know when you think of Zumba you think of old ladies in their workout gear hyped up to do a broken version of salsa. BUT my Zumba was NOT this… It was a hip-hop, dance hall, Pitbull infused hour of partying. I new all the best and young instructors to go to. THEN I got pregnant ( among other things).

This is not a list of excuses, just background.

So now a have a 15month old son, back working 50 hours a week, trying to maintain a home, & a marriage. I joined a gym I don’t go to so the budget-ista in me will go enough to feel like I’m not being ripped off.

I promise I will work out again, I just don’t know when!!!!

8 years and counting

This past March my husband & I celebrated 8 years of marriage. I’m blessed to know many people who have hit 8 years of marriage 8 years ago. Along the way we have had no shortage of highs and lows and time will tell us which one we’re in today. He finally cut the grass, so this week is definitely a high point!

My brother once told me “you guys are the couple no one wants to be around.”  At a barbecue a few years back a little girl asked me “do ya’ll ever fight? Do he ever get on your nerves? You always like him?” Although she was 8 or 9 years old at the time apparently we put of a different vibe.

There is no secret formula to a joyful marriage ( Note: NOT PERFECT marriage). We have no time to be two different people in public than we are in private.

Over the weekend, we attended a marriage small group and during that time we talked about how to fight fair. I was reminded not to let small things build up and create a foothold in your marriage. Mario & I are very blessed that in the beginning of our marriage we attended a church that focused on young couples and helped us to have an open line of communication. We learned very early in our relationship to separate the “business” of running a home from the love that it takes to build it. Something that has stayed with us and taken us this far is to “try to out love your spouse.”  Ask yourself, “what have I done to  bless my spouse today?”

I believe that when you make your marriage your ministry, your spouse is a reflection of your best self.






Every sweet southern couple has a nickname for each other. My Godparents refer to each other as “Love”. My auntie will shouts from the kitchen “Love, do you want tea with honey or sugar?” and my uncle would affectionately reply “honey is just fine, Love.”                          An old pastor of mine use to say his wife called him “honeydew” , because she would always say honey do this and honey do that.

My husband calls me baby and over the years it has been shortened to just BABE. I’m completely ok with that. Sometimes I wonder if he knows my government name at all. Now that my son is learning to talk and we’re teaching him words and phrases like ‘uh-oh’, ‘no’, & ‘thank you’. You would assume that mommy and daddy would be a given.

Not my kid. My husband calls me so much that my son now stands in the middle of the room and shouts for me calling for NOT Mommy, NOT Jen, ,but BABE!

All down the hallway, though the kitchen, into the living room the little fella follows me around going “Babe, babe, Babe, Babe…” Like Stewie Griffin on the Family Guy. I try to correct him, but it seems pointless. As soon as he goes back to calling me mommy, my hubby ask me another question and the babe cycle starts all over again.



Well, lets talk shoes…

Not my shoes, my husband’s shoes.

My grandmother told me “don’t bother with man that wears cheap shoes. If doesn’t put shoes on his feet, he wont’s put shoes on yours.”

Well, this may have really taken hold of me b/c my husband is a sneaker head. If you don’t know what that is, this means he is all about the latest shoe trends, styles, new material combinations, etc. You could venture to say he is a super fan of sneakers.

The problem is he wears a size 13 so the sneakers have taken OVER our closet, our bedroom, and they are making there way rapidly to the hallway.

I have no idea what to do. He’s colossal shoes are everywhere…. I have no resolution for this. Just a vent of a wife doing her best not to trip over shoes in the middle of the night.

My guess is Write Anything Wednesday challenge won’t see this one coming 🙂 !

Happy Reading

Shout out to the Stay at Home Moms

Its the end of the year and my company has that policy where is you don’t use all your vacation days you loose them. So for the next 3 weeks I will be at home with my little guy. Just me and him, morning, noon, & night. Just uninterrupted mommy & baby time. Back in October I was so excited about this idea. My husband was like “yeah we can save a ton on daycare.”

I’m not complaining – just clarifying that I have a whole new appreciation for moms that stay at home with the little people.

The last person in my family that was a stay at home mom was my Grandmother circa 1960-something when my Aunt Sandra was born.

When Wes goes down for a nap I am literally running to do everything I couldn’t do when he was awake. Before I know it …nap is over and I’m back on the baby hamster wheel.

Yesterday my husband asked me to print something for his job. That required me to open my work emails. I spent a whole hour distracted by the same dreaded work that I could wait to get a way from.

I love my son but this time at home has also taught me that while I don’t always love my job… I love the outlet for my type A atttitude.IMG_0228

TMZ and Other Random Gossip

I truly believe everyone has something they Hate to Love. I would list food but everyone who knows that’s not a love hate relationship. For me its  just LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I hate to admit my guilty pleasure is TMZ. The original and TMZ live. No need to criticize, its a terrible habit but its so good. I know gossip is a terrible thing and hurtful to a lot of people so somewhere in my mind I justify it because … well I don’t know personally know these people.

So on a random Wednesday afternoon and my girlfriends call to catch up on the gossip randomness of the week its a welcomed distraction from work deadlines, family drama, utility payments, and you know … life. So for one solid hour or so we can have Hen Talk ( grown women talking about things grown folks talk about) and just be.


My weekend without an iPhone

Bloggers, Unplugged There comes a time when you don’t choose to unplug instead you are forced to step away from your phone and “glowing lights” and just live in the right now.

For me this moment came Thanksgiving evening when my phone  fell in the toilet. I knew i was in trouble when I saw the buckle floating out of the aux jack. Modern logic says to use rice to drain the water BUT my mom didn’t have nay rice in her pantry ( she doesn’t cook much). so my sister and I decided we would use oatmeal instead. it absorbs water, right? No — not in this case.

So the the last 3 days I have been without my phone and I have to admit it hasn’t been so bad. I’m not distracted by push notifications, text, or pings – its just me, my hubby, & my baby. I think I’ll make a point from now on to take a vacation from my phone and just live in my moment.

Together we watched movies, ate popcorn and thanksgiving leftovers, played with baby and talked about our plans for our first Christmas with the baby. I still have no phone and I won’t until I hustle up on the $200 to replace it but I have definitely seen the bright side of being unplugged.

Too Young for Eat, Pray, Love

There’s something remarkably romantic about the notion of seeing the world on a whim. Moving somewhere and not knowing the language, living like the locals, and never looking back.

According to the movies such an act of courage takes an intrinsic crisis that motivates you to leave everything that’s familiar, abandon responsibility and experience life in the unknown. Now of course in this version I would have enough money to rent one of those villas like “under the tuscan sun” or I could take up resident in the “the exotic marigold hotel” but for 30 something instead of seniors.”

…In fact traveling abroad was finally a dream that went un fulfilled until I was 30 and I ventured abroad and ever since then I’ve felt like I was meant to see the whole world. I don’t know that I will ever get my eat, pray, love experience. I can only hope to fill my passport and my blog with  stories of the meals I’ve shared, the places I’ve prayed, and the people I’ve loved.

Updated 1.27.17 for the Daily Prompt: Simple

4 months and 2 days

My son has been in my life for exactly 4 months & 2 days. Its taken me that long to find the time to write. Really about all i’ve learned about being mother in such short time period. Actually, I only really have time to share this one thing with you: let the dishes pile up and get them later, you’ll have plenty of time for that….



Food really is Love

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Food for the Soul (and the Stomach).” Fried Chicken, Collard Greens, Mac & Cheese, & Cornbread… it doesn’t get better than that. There is much prep in cleaning and cutting collards but around the table while and in the kitchen there is so much good gossip going on. You get an update on how your whole family is doing, good and bad. Well maybe more bad than good. In fact if your the topic of the day then your mom is probably telling everyone about your latest fiasco or what you did that’s going to “put her in an early grave.” Growing up somewhere between Miami and Jackson, MS. This scene never changed the recipes stayed the same exactly that same as my Grandmother’s. Everyone is expected to eat no excuses, or you will the topic of the next family dinner.