Christmas in the Cabin

My Mother, Sister & I have an agreement that we don’t spend more than 72 consecutive hours together. This year we challenged the clock by not only spending 3 days in a cabin together but adding the 7 hour drive together on top of it. We didn’t kill each other, we had a great time, as a matter of fact. We reflected on the year and past memories, we renewed our commitment to future endeavors.  I made a crawfish dressing that everyone was skeptical about but it was amazing! ( recipe here: Crawfish stuffing).


The mountains have a peacefulness that really can’t be explained. To think after five days in a cabin with my mom, mother-in-law, sister, hubby, & a toddler. We not only survived but thrived. I don know how you & your family make it through the holidays but we deserve an  via a Standing Ovation

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