I Would Cry but I Can’t…

People don’t like to talk about crying but I need to from time to time. I use to be described as  a pretty emotional person, I mean cry at a drop at a hat. At the end of a Hallmark movie, tears. The part in the romantic comedy when they finally figure out the person they really loved was there all along, COMPLETE WATER WORKS.

But now I can’t cry, even when I want to cry…I Can’t. While it seems like I’m over reacting. I did cry once about a two months ago when my gall stones were giving problems….BUT an emotional cry, Not a single solitary tear.

As crazy as this whole thing seems, without my no cry – keep things level modifier, I don’t think I would be any good at this life at all.

It’s a sad reality. Most people in my life expect a certain upbeat person. From time to time… in fact most recently, I’m just not up to being upbeat. And because explaining why I’m not “feeling it” takes so much efffort, I much rather withdraw. 

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