Above the Clouds

I’m most at peace in the Sky, on an airplane with no demands. Really nothing to do but wait on the next set of instructions. Now as look back, I kinda miss the days when electronics couldn’t be used in flight. It was the only time I had to read a book. You know the thing with pages of typed letters with decorative cover and a photo of a random person on the back. It was the time you could could actually read the article in the magazine instead of just looking at the info graphics or the photo spread.

I’ve been flying since I was a little girl. I had a handle on how it all works pretty well. Looking out the window above the clouds stills overwhelms me and forces me to think about how small we are in the world. Our problems and concerns are so small in the scope of the sky. The clouds seem to swallow you up consume all your worries.

I feel so free when I travel, despite the TSA lines crowds of people. They all seem to disappear for me. It’s as close as I can get to completely going off the map. That need to disconnect, no phones, no contact, be alone. Is a real longing I crave and don’t really talk about. Not sure why, maybe fear of being judged. I think I mentioned it once to my mom in passing, but that lead to a bunch of “is everything alright” type of questions.

Needless to say its been awhile since I’ve been above the clouds, in the sky, time to find my why.

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