Workout… When?

Don’t get me wrong I value working out. I think its awesome! When I was younger, I wouldn’t work out because I was worried about my hair and all that. Then somewhere around 2011 I found Zumba. I know when you think of Zumba you think of old ladies in their workout gear hyped up to do a broken version of salsa. BUT my Zumba was NOT this… It was a hip-hop, dance hall, Pitbull infused hour of partying. I new all the best and young instructors to go to. THEN I got pregnant ( among other things).

This is not a list of excuses, just background.

So now a have a 15month old son, back working 50 hours a week, trying to maintain a home, & a marriage. I joined a gym I don’t go to so the budget-ista in me will go enough to feel like I’m not being ripped off.

I promise I will work out again, I just don’t know when!!!!

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