Well, lets talk shoes…

Not my shoes, my husband’s shoes.

My grandmother told me “don’t bother with man that wears cheap shoes. If doesn’t put shoes on his feet, he wont’s put shoes on yours.”

Well, this may have really taken hold of me b/c my husband is a sneaker head. If you don’t know what that is, this means he is all about the latest shoe trends, styles, new material combinations, etc. You could venture to say he is a super fan of sneakers.

The problem is he wears a size 13 so the sneakers have taken OVER our closet, our bedroom, and they are making there way rapidly to the hallway.

I have no idea what to do. He’s colossal shoes are everywhere…. I have no resolution for this. Just a vent of a wife doing her best not to trip over shoes in the middle of the night.

My guess is Write Anything Wednesday challenge won’t see this one coming 🙂 !

Happy Reading

3 thoughts on “Well, lets talk shoes…

  1. Elizabeth Vega says:

    First of all, your grandmother is my hero.

    We live in a small house– 800 square feet– and MY husband’s size elevens have their own room. I feel you.


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