Shout out to the Stay at Home Moms

Its the end of the year and my company has that policy where is you don’t use all your vacation days you loose them. So for the next 3 weeks I will be at home with my little guy. Just me and him, morning, noon, & night. Just uninterrupted mommy & baby time. Back in October I was so excited about this idea. My husband was like “yeah we can save a ton on daycare.”

I’m not complaining – just clarifying that I have a whole new appreciation for moms that stay at home with the little people.

The last person in my family that was a stay at home mom was my Grandmother circa 1960-something when my Aunt Sandra was born.

When Wes goes down for a nap I am literally running to do everything I couldn’t do when he was awake. Before I know it …nap is over and I’m back on the baby hamster wheel.

Yesterday my husband asked me to print something for his job. That required me to open my work emails. I spent a whole hour distracted by the same dreaded work that I could wait to get a way from.

I love my son but this time at home has also taught me that while I don’t always love my job… I love the outlet for my type A atttitude.IMG_0228

4 thoughts on “Shout out to the Stay at Home Moms

  1. theshe519119 says:

    absolutely. i miss being a stay at home mom honestly but now that my son os going through his temper tantrums and “My way or the highway” phase, I’m desperately glad dor the eight hours of hum and drum… but a part of me will always regret going back to work 😞


  2. lifelessons says:

    Love the name of your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading several posts about your “Paid Vacation” with your little one, your phone debacle, etc. I spilled a coke on my laptop a year ago and nearly had apoplexy. I had to wait 4 months to get a new one brought to me from the states since I live in Mexico and didn’t want a Spanish lang. keyboard and computer. It was an ordeal!!! I didn’t do as well as you. Now a phone I could go without. Happy New Year! Judy


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