My weekend without an iPhone

Bloggers, Unplugged There comes a time when you don’t choose to unplug instead you are forced to step away from your phone and “glowing lights” and just live in the right now.

For me this moment came Thanksgiving evening when my phone  fell in the toilet. I knew i was in trouble when I saw the buckle floating out of the aux jack. Modern logic says to use rice to drain the water BUT my mom didn’t have nay rice in her pantry ( she doesn’t cook much). so my sister and I decided we would use oatmeal instead. it absorbs water, right? No — not in this case.

So the the last 3 days I have been without my phone and I have to admit it hasn’t been so bad. I’m not distracted by push notifications, text, or pings – its just me, my hubby, & my baby. I think I’ll make a point from now on to take a vacation from my phone and just live in my moment.

Together we watched movies, ate popcorn and thanksgiving leftovers, played with baby and talked about our plans for our first Christmas with the baby. I still have no phone and I won’t until I hustle up on the $200 to replace it but I have definitely seen the bright side of being unplugged.

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