City Girl’s go at foster parenting

My hubby and I are starting down the path of becoming foster parents’. While this seems incredibly exciting its scary and uncertain. So step one is the unruly binder required by law, which will cover in class for the next six weeks.

So my mind then immediately assess the work i have to do to Voluntarily take in children who need temporary homes while in the judicial system. What interesting is that I have to get certified on behavioral training, suffer through a home review, have a clinical interview to determine if we’re real crazy (b/c everyone is a little crazy). Yet the parent that had no training and no thought for the future has children that are now often trapped in a system of foster homes and courts.  I have to say that my resolve to head down this road has not wavered. I have think that this will very much cramp my very city girl style but isn’t that the challenge of any woman. Holding on to who we are as we involve into the next version of ourselves.



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