How to gauge a year…

Many people gauge their lives by how much they accomplish or what they own. But at the beginning of another year 30 days out from a resolution it makes me wonder how do you gauge a year.

For me its not the 365 from 1/1 to 12/31 but its the 365 between my birthdays. I have realized that i find my self saying thing like ” yea 21 was really good to me.” or ” I’m kinda over 27 what’s next.”   It took me 30 years to get to Africa and I wonder how I ever waited that long to go. So now at 31 I often wake up with Africa on my mind. Wondering how long it will be until I can go back.

The country girl in me says you know life is pretty great all things considered. I know people who have never left the neighborhood they grew up in. At least I own a passport.

But the city girl in me says what have I only left the country once. Why didn’t join the peace corp after high school or take  a gap year (like I really knew what a gap year was when I was 17). Flights would be so much cheaper if I lived in a larger city but no matter what a $2500 flight is still hard to come by.

Anyway for most people they have that great feeling about a new year a sense of renewal. I didn’t feel that way on January 1st 2014 but I’m hoping that 31 turns around for me soon because so far I have no idea how to gauge this year.


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