Africa Awaits: Psalm 139:23-24

In preparation for a Short term Mission trip to Swaziland Africa, We were asked to meSwazi 2013ditate on Psalm 139. While some of the verses were familiar to me. There were other verses that I had heard in the past but not quite understood them the way I understand them now. I have to say I find that this happens a lot as I have matured. 
In reading verses 23-24 I was drawn back to these verses over and over again. By no means am I a theologian, just a christian woman trying to do better today than I did the day before.  However, I love the plea in the words “Search Me, Try Me, Test Me”. In my life it is reflective of my constant cry for God to take hold of my heart when I know I’m knee deep in warfare. I’m taunted by the days that are ruined because me worry and “anxious thoughts” consume me.  But what I like most, is verse 24, “lead me”. Its funny because to ask God to Lead You means you must first want to be led… you must first submit to follow. Now this is where the light bulb went of for me: I want to be lead away from somethings and not other.

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