Countdown Challenge – The Conviction

So I’m watching Black Girls Rock and I’ll keep it simple …These girls are bad! I got get this done and although I am 75 lbs down from my heaviest weight… I still have some lbs that need to come off. 

So now I am completely convicted because I could have been done by now, but basically I got lazy. I hit a major plateau 3 month and no weight loss but no weight gain. So why not take on the most celebrated eating season of the year. If I can loose weight now I can do it whenever. Why weight (pun intended) until the 1/1/2013. I’m going to get off 10 lbs by 12/31/12 and nothing is better motivation than telling everyone you know and people you don’t even know!!!

Perfection is the Enemy of Greatness  -Janelle Monae

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