FAILURE of EPIC proportion … part 2

So I had to detail the backstory so that everything I would say moving forward would make sense.

My heart was breaking and my mind turns with the thought of “if we can’t raise a dog how can we raise a child.”  I hate the judgmental eye people give you when they say “you don’t have nay kids? What are you waiting on?” I would say crate training but then someone would certainly report me Child Protective Services.  Even worse are the comments about “You two can have date night b/c you don’t have any kids, Just wait kids will change everything.”    If that is an attempt to sell this baby thing then that is an Epic Fail my friend.

After working a 12 hour day and taking complaints from clients and internal matrix partners. How on earth could we raise a child. Just last week my hubby worked a 90 hour work week. If we are exhausted by rubbing the dogs belly as he falls in front of your feet just to get your attention, how on earth are we going to get to a day care by 5pm or do homework after a long day.

I know you are judging me and these thoughts are brutally honest. Your saying “you have plenty of time”. The truth is I don’t. This year I will be 30 and besides I just got this BODY!  I have no conclusion to this rant. No profound closing statement. Its just that I pray this failure at rearing a dog is not a sad glimpse into my future.

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