Inside Out

Its a new year and many people have decided to make huge changes January 1st because its a “good starting point.”  I completely understand that school of thought. I use to make a “new year” resolution only to fall off mid-February or sooner (basically, referring to the same 20 pounds I have tried to loose since college). Who’s to say that I won’t make a “new year” resolution in the future.

Its not that I have not set any goals for myself but life will force you to turn your habits inside out, not just at the new year; but during the year at any given moment. We would all like to define a time when we have that great epiphany. A benchmark, that motivates us to make changes for the better, break old habits, or end meaningless relationships. So while starting a new life or undertaking is tempting at the beginning of the year, leave room for change and inspiration…whenever it may come.

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