Act Natural

Ok, I have one if those funny stories that result in a life changing revelation type deal. You know the type of story I’m referring to. So I have decided to “go natural.” For those less familiar with the term it refers to letting your hair grow without applying chemical relaxers to “straighten” your hair.

 Now to be honest, I have no idea what my natural hair looks like b/c I have had a relaxer since the jerri curl went out style somewhere around 3rd grade.  I know people who have this fascinating story of what a profound journey it is and how they felt so liberated. Me, I am terrified awaiting this feeling of gratitude everyone speaks of. At this point I’ve come to far to turn around.

So to the story…

Against the advise of all the hair blogs I flat ironed my curly roots attempting to make them to blend in with my “straight” hair. It looked amazing. To maintain this style, I must sleep with my hair wrapped in a scarf to keep the roots straight. I tied my scarf so tight, I awoke with a massive headache and a huge blister, diagonal across the width on my forehead! Ironically, the only way I can explain this huge scar that appeared out of no where is to tell people exactly what I was attempting to hide. “My roots are kinky and I don’t know what to do with it.”

Now to the revelation; at the root, I am uncontrollable, a little wild, and possibly unpredictable. Much like the hair I will soon inherit. The consistency of my relaxed hair fits so well the type A, straight and narrow, control freak that I am. More importantly the part of me I want people to see. Once my roots are exposed will the world I live in embrace me the same way?Am I willing to stake my livelihood on it? If I just act natural maybe nobody will notice.

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