True Story

So I made it to the second post and while I don’t expect anyone to be as excited as I am. I’m glad that I’m following up with one of my many bright ideas.

Although I have convinced myself that a blog was a really great idea. I have been met with some opposition, within reason, of course. Essentially, why a blog? Why for everyone to see? Well think about it, the best stories  are not stories at all but rather truth. Its easy to say let me tell you a story, because everything you don’t know, you make-up. But when you add “this is a true story” to the end of any statement opinions change about the words speaking, or the black and white type in the pages of  a book or magazine.

The word “Story” has contradicting definition, while your story may be a tall tale or fable. My story is true and no story at all. Just a collection of perfectly random thoughts, that would make almost perfect reflections about life.

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